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Reach local and International audience and put your clinic on the map, while providing a location for your dialysis patients.


Grow Your Business

Reach an International audience and put your clinic on the map, while providing a location for your dialysis patients.

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The first step to start receiving dialysis patients is to list your facility on

This means that you create an online profile for your facility, which you can access and amend any time, through your account.

Appear in search results:
Once you complete the listing process and your profile is live on, you will start appearing in searches made by dialysis patients. Results are generated based on the location, offered treatments, availability and pricing of each facility. Patients will be able to see the cost per treatment, availability, photos and read reviews written by other patients who have completed treatment at your facility.

Receive bookings:
Patients are able to proceed with making a reservation at your facility for specific dates. We will notify you by email and you will have 72 hours to log into your account and confirm or decline the reservation. Once you accept, the reservation becomes a booking and the patient is informed. We will immediately share the patient’s contact details, so you can get in direct contact and plan together with the patient the details of his/her visit.

We ask you to get in touch with the patient, via email or phone, within a few days of booking to request the necessary documentation and provide additional information to the patient regarding his treatment.

We give you full control over payments from patients. Patients pay you directly and you can apply your own payment terms. does not process any payment for treatments from patients.

You can pay all your invoices to by bank transfer or credit/debit card. Every time a new invoice is issued you will be notified via email.

To track and pay your invoices from, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account, using your credentials.
  2. Click on 'Account' on the top right corner of your screen and select 'Switch to Billing management'.
  3. Go to 'Invoices' at the top of the page.
  4. Under ‘Invoices’ you will be able to see all your pending and paid invoices and under 'Billing' and 'Credit Cards' update all necessary information.

To read our Terms of Use please visit our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy pages on the footer.

If you have not been receiving any email notifications from us, there are a few different steps you can try to figure out the issue. Remember, you can always find all the necessary information about your pending, upcoming, completed and canceled bookings in your account.

- Make sure your email address is correct
We might be sending emails to an old or incorrect email address. To see or change the email address linked to your account, log in to your account and follow the steps below:

  1. Click on 'Account' on the top right corner of your screen and select 'Account Details'.
  2. You are able to review your email address.
  3. Check the email address linked with your account and make sure it is the correct one. If you need to change your email address, click on ’Change Email Address'. You will be requested to verify your new email address. Follow the instructions in the email you will receive in the new email address you provided.

- Search all messages in your email inbox
Sometimes emails can get lost in your inbox. In your email account, search for terms like "edialysis", "reservation", "booking", or other words related to the email you're looking for.

- Check your spam and other email filters
It's possible your email provider mistakenly sent our messages to your spam/ junk folder. To avoid this:

-Mark the emails from as ‘not spam’ to remove them from your spam list
Add [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] to your personal email address book. works closely with patient associations globally, organizing every year a number of group trips for their members. We evaluate the needs and preferences of each request individually to propose healthcare providers that meet the necessary criteria. All providers are potential candidates to receive a group request.

If you believe you have a value proposition for a group trip that you would like to discuss further with our team, feel free to contact us via email to [email protected].

Need more help? is here to answer any questions of yours and assist you in your booking. Contact us